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The Cooper Project

Your source for quality horticultural presentations.

Class Description Length Max class size
Composting The basics of how to make and use compost at home. 1 Hour 12 students
Top 10 Pests in MD Gardens Identification and treatment options for common garden pests. 1.5 Hours 12 students
Top 10 Under Appreciated Veggies A breakdown of 10 vegetables you probably aren't grown but should be. 1.5 Hours 12 students
Top 10 Lawn Weeds How to ID, treat, and even prevent common lawn weeds. 1.5 Hours 12 students
Gardening With in Spite of Deer Solutions for gardeners with deer problems. 1.5 Hours 12 students
Pruning The basics of pruning in the home landscape. 1.5 Hours 12 students
Fruit and Berry Growing How to grow fruit in your backyard. 1.5 Hours 12 students
Gardening for the Hombrewer or Wine Maker A look at growing barley, hops, grapes, and other plants for the home brewer or wine maker. 1.5 Hours 12 students
Home Grains Growing A look at how you can produce fresh healthy grains from your own backyard. 1.5 Hours 12 students
Edible Landscaping Techniques for growing fruits, vegetables and herbs as a part of your ornamental landscape. 1.5 Hours 12 students
Intro to Plant Propagation An introduction to a few different methods used to propagte plants. 1.5 Hours 12 students
Intro Integrated Pest Management Understand what Integrated Pest Management is and how to implement its principles in the home garden. 1.5 Hours 12 students
Hydroponics An overview of hydroponic and soilless gardening systems. 1 Hour 12 students

All classes are taught at an introductory level and are appropriate for all ages.
TCP serves Prince Georges, Howard, and Montgomery Counties
Ryan Cooper
Mt. Airy, MD 21771